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SSCN Member Egoli Squash

Egolisquash Youth Empowerment (EYE)

Egolisquash Youth Empowerment (EYE) is a holistic development program that focuses on empowering and enabling young people to positively contribute to the upliftment of their community, and society at large. Egolisquash is involved in communities where households are struggling with high unemployment rates, unstable family units, and youth who are exposed to environments with crime and violence nearly every day of their lives. By providing a platform to engage these vulnerable and precious members of our communities, it seeks to challenge conventional approaches to problem-solving in these communities, and practically enable the youth to constructively invest in their communities.

Its passion lies in ensuring that both girls and boys from disadvantaged communities have the chance to have fun while learning the skills necessary to reach their goals and positively contribute to their communities.

In celebration of women’s month 40 Inner-city and Soweto Egolisquash girls were treated to an extra special Pamper Day on Women’s Day. Through the Mrs Africa Foundation, each girl had their facials done by Julien du Plessis, a finalist for the pageant. They further received sanitary pads and manicure sets to take home. The girls had a chance to play sport and be mentored by elite female coaches.

Their purpose is to use sport and education as tools to empower, connect and unify young girls from all social backgrounds and cultures.

Follow the link to learn more about Egoli Squash.