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Zam City Academy Organization

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This organization was formed in 2015 and got registered in 2018 with an objective of using the power of Sport and physical fitness to enhance human development. Our Target beneficiary: Young girls and boys between 5-20 years and men and women. As an NGO, Zam City Organization uses the power of Sport as a primary intervention to mobilize young people in their communities and Schools because Sport moves swiftly through all differences, tribe, race, religion, age, gender, and status. Sport speaks to young people in a language and manner they understand; it unites and brings hope where once there was despair. Sport enhances peace, tolerance, and inclusion for All. When children participate in recreational play, they develop physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively while the men and women fight non communicable diseases through aerobic fitness. What they learn at play provides a strong foundation that will help prepare them for future life experiences in peaceful societies. Our focus is to builds capacity in the young people in order to promote Olympism, and create values such as courage, determination, Friendship, excellence, respect, inspiration and equality. To achieve this there is serious need to train key leaders such as Physical Education teachers to work as instructors, coaches and sports volunteers.

Director: Kasoma Debby