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Somali Youth Open Organization (SOYO)

Somali Youth Open Organization (SOYO) Logo

SOYO is a registered local youth organization based in Mogadishu. Committed to provide social and humanitarian development programs to underserved youth in Somalia, SOYO has implemented several youth projects. We witness that the population of Somalia 70% is youth who face many challenges such as a lack of access, cultural expectations on marriage and children, education, and the lack of training. So, our target is to provide them moral support towards sports materials and physical education and organize football and basketball tournaments in order to interact and integrate among the Somali youth. SOYO provides the young generation great opportunities for personal development, while increasing their access to educational opportunities. The main objectives of SOYO are to motivate and empower young people in Somalia. SOYO organize culture Independence Day, World International Youth Day, World Peace Day, Women Day on 8th March, African Child Day on 16th June, and Somali/International Youth Day. SOYO is committed to promote self-reliance and improved international standards of Somali youth rights to defend the rights of Somali youth.

Director: Ahmed Muse Mahad (Ahmed Atto)