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Training 4 Changes


Based in Stellenbosch, South Africa training4changes was established in 2013 to utilise sport as a catalyst for holistic community transformation and to intentionally equip young leaders with essential life skills and values. training4changes has become a global leader in using sport for good. Their work is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals. They provide a unique blend of high-level coaching alongside quality education inside and outside the classroom. training4changeS’ long-term relationship-based approach has clearly demonstrated high impact in communities marked by unhealthy lifestyles, inequality, unemployment, and violence. The strength of training4changeS’ approach is also reflected in their strong network, and track record of true collaboration – both locally and globally.l training, quality education through our private school, deep formation of character, and an academy family home. Our graduates are moving into amazing opportunities with university scholarships and quality employment. Because of our unique connection to European football, our players are also becoming football stars, but our real vision is to see families, communities, and society healthy and flourishing due to the influence of our graduates.
Director: Daniel Thomae