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from the MD

“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.”

This was a sentiment uttered to the world by Jackie Robinson, the first African-American man to become a professional baseball player. He embodied struggle; navigating through issues like gnawing racism and oppression from not only those who were supposed to be his opposition, but those who were supposed to be on his side: his teammates.

In a pandemic-ridden world, the need to support one’s fellow man through times of struggle was more apparent than ever. Communities of people left destitute, economies dwindling at rapid rates and unemployment at an all-time high; the world as we knew it had changed and so we had to change with it.
In a post-pandemic world, it is important to recognise the valiant efforts of individuals and organisations that have made an impact to further the progress of social change, aiding those who needed it most and giving the most of what they could offer.


The “power of sport” is universal and can be used as a tool to attract individuals from different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.

The Sport for Social Change Network acts as a “collaborative leader”, allowing those individuals to engage with other people and organisations who are able to help that individual fulfill a need or provide a solution to a problem.

The SSCN Africa Awards is a landmark occasion and an effort to shed light on the many names and faces that have brought about positive social change in the last year. We hope that the recognition they receive may enhance their current support systems, allowing both Africa and the rest of the world to see the immense work they are doing, and what can be achieved through increased support. In doing so, we hope to expand our own network, connecting more people to vital resources necessary for survival.

The ultimate goal of this auspicious occasion is to celebrate the modern marvel of mankind and what we can achieve together.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Allan Williams

Network Director, SSCN

We provide a network for collaboration, in the spirit of promoting growth and progressing the sport for change movement.”

the Sport for Social Change Africa Awards 2022

We live in a world where we consume mass amounts of information daily and can often find ourselves fatigued due to the sheer weight of that information. More often than not, we find ourselves plagued by negativity and face the gravity of the atrocities we see every day of our lives.

In the hotbed of those dire situations are the givers of the world: those who find ways to improve the lives of others by whatever means necessary.

These are the sorts of individuals and organisations we appreciate more than anything, as they help us further our goals of helping others too.

In the spirit of recognition and appreciation, we present the Sport for Social Change Africa Awards!

Through these awards, we also aim to grow our network and the networks of these titans of change, to increase our efforts and expand our joint-reach in the African sphere of development.

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Award Partners
the SSCN Africa Partners
The SSCN Africa Partners
Closing Word

The SSCN Africa Awards are an immense opportunity to demonstrate the incredible work being done throughout the continent, facilitating the aid and development of Africa and its people. Furthermore, it is a chance to set a standard for the future of sustainable development through sport in Africa.

We want to thank our sublime list of sponsors for making this event possible and helping create a platform that perpetuates inspiration and innovation. Moreover, we want to thank the extensive list of nominees, winners, and future award-winners, who have committed to using the versatility of sport to create tangible change in the lives of those who need it.

Without these groups of people, these awards would not carry the gravitas they currently do, and we want to recognise the indescribable value they have added to our lives and those of Africa’s people. We seek to bring about mass change that impacts the world in a positive way. Through this year’s SSCN Africa Awards and those that follow, we hope to highlight the exceptional efforts being put forward to further develop Africa and create a continent of prosperity.

This is just the beginning. We urge you to take the walk with us and become a partner for next year’s event, as we affirm our vision and recognise Africa’s champions of social change.