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Ubuntu Football Trust

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60% of children in South Africa are growing up without a father in the household. This is one symptom of a crisis in society with a lack of positive male role models. Ubuntu Football’s mission is to mentor and educate the next generation of great African leaders, society-changers, and footballers. Based in Cape Town, we recruit boys at 11-years-old and invest in our 80 players for the next 7+ years of their life. We are the only Southern-African academy holistically providing globally recognized football training, quality education through our private school, deep formation of character, and an academy family home. Our graduates are moving into amazing opportunities with university scholarships and quality employment. Because of our unique connection to European football, our players are also becoming football stars, but our real vision is to see families, communities, and society healthy and flourishing due to the influence of our graduates.
Director: Shawn Buck